Founded in1991, SC ANGELS SRL begins its activities in FPE area as a representative of SC Alsting SA Alba Iulia for North –Eastern Region of Romania. Manufacturer with a wide experience in producing fire extinguishers and other equipment for fire prevention and control, "Angels, Alsting reprezentative” syntagm is often met in regional economical environment.

As a result of legislative alignment to the European standards, SC ANGELS SRL becomes a promoter of conforming to and bringing into force the related legislation so that it turns into the first certified company which carries on services of checking, loading and repairing extinguishers or other related apparatus in the North – Eastern Romania.

"The basic principle of S.C. ANGELS S.R.L. policy regarding quality standards is a client orientation, in order to identify as accurately as possible his needs and expectations, to fully satisfy them permanently, through the services performed and products delivered.” (General Director’s Declaration regarding quality standards policy).

The experience, earnestness and professionalism of the company has taken shape through the fact that Angels has become supplier and service provider for private and state economic agents, miscellaneous institutions and organizations, companies and organisms developing agricultural activities in the N-E of the country, including Iasi, Bacau, Neamt, Botosani, Vaslui, Suceava counties, among witch we mention: METRO Iasi, Bacau, Suceava, the stations for fuel distribution OMV and LUKOIL in N-E region, high-voltage stations of SC TRANSELECTRICA SA - ST Bacau branch, SNTF CFR MARFA SA.


ISO 9001

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