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Angels Company attended a self – development course in prevention and defense against fires in an European Union country – France at the end of 2003, within Leonardo da Vinci professional self – development program, with the project Professional self – development, a strong argument in fighting the fires(La formation, l’un appuis forts pour la lutte contre les incendies) – “IN-FORMA”.

The self – development course programestablished by the external partner, regarding the training needs of the Romanian partner, included, during the two weeks, 80 hours of theoretical and practical training. This program succeeded in realizing a synthetic X-ray of this field in France, of European legislation and regulations regarding this industry, of the needs of training activities which should be developed and performed within the related companies, economic agents etc.

The transnational partnership established between SC ANGELS SRL and its partners in France, the experience change in prevention and defense against fires contributes to the convergence of training systems in this field and the development of new ones at European standards.
You can count on Angels as provider of products and services in prevention and defense against fires at European standards.
thursday, 4 august 2005

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