Fireproofing of flammable construction materials

ANGELS SRL provides fireproofing services for flammable wood materials used in construction by means of professional tools and is certified by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations – National Centre for Fire Safety and Civil Protection Bucharest and has staff with high qualification and competence for providing such services.

Fireproofing is carried out for the following:

  1. wood frameworks, attics and garrets;
  2. wood chalets;
  3. wood churches;
  4. storehouses made of flammable materials.

Fireproofing - consists in treating flammable material with fire retardants called antipyrens in order to modify its ignition capacity, independent combustion and flame propagation.

Fire resistance of construction elements made of wood and wood-based materials treated with fireproofing products/system – the material’s property of temporarily maintaining its stability, fireproof capacity and/or other specialized function, in a standard fire trial.

The fireproofing will be carried out in conformity with the technical specifications of the fireproofing product (company standard) and according to norm C58 – 1996 – technical standards for fireproofing flammable wood and textile materials and products used in construction.

Checking the efficiency of fireproofing is made by sending samples to authorized or accredited laboratories, in conformity with the legislation for fire testing according to STAS 652/1998 – method for checking the fireproofing efficiency of wood materials.


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