Checking, repairing and recharging of any type of extinguishers and other fire extinction devices

ANGELS SRL has a workshop equipped with all necessary tools for checking, repairing and recharging fire extinguishers and other fire extinction devices, certified by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations – National Centre for Fire Safety and Civil Protection Bucharest and a highly qualified and competent staff that will attend to your needs and provide you with quality and prompt services.

Checking the serviceability of FPE technical means is carried out according to the provisions in the technical regulations, FPE specific regulations and technical instructions written by the designers and/or suppliers.

According to the general stipulation regarding the organization of the fire control activity - D.G.P.S.I. – 005 – approved by OMI no. 138 of 05/09/2001, Appendix 5, table B – the minimal period for checking, repairing and recharging of fire extinguishers is of 12 months for powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers and 6 months for foam extinguishers.

The checking services consist in:

  1. complete disassembly of fire extinguishers, cleaning and adequately re-proofing (painting) of extinguishers which require these activities
  2. functionality checking of component subassemblies;
  3. replacement of out of order pieces (gauges, pipes, handles, sealing fixings, membranes and copper rings, etc.);
  4. Checking the internal resistance of extinguisher’s recipient by applying overpressure according to Technical Indications PT 5-2003 Collection ISCIR
  5. checking the quality of extinction agent (powder/foam) and loading with the proper extinction agent;
  6. the loading state of carbon dioxide / azoth cylinder;
  7. sealing and labeling the extinguisher with using indications and the burning points in which it can be used
  8. Fire extinguishers transport from / to beneficiary is assured, free of charge or for a price, according to the distance.

The beneficiary must perform monthly checkouts (weekly for the vital vulnerable points or areas with high fire risk); these are carried out by visual means and concern the following:

  1. the existence and placement of fire extinguishers;
  2. the exterior aspect and the integrity of technical FPE means;
  3. the labeling of fire extinguishers;
  4. the existence of the seals for fastening certain components in a normal functioning position;
  5. the functioning parameters, especially the fluid pressure, by reading the values indicated by the pressure gauges;
  6. maintaining the operational use possibilities;
  7. the staff of the beneficiary must read and learn the instructions written on the label of the extinguishers.

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